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Children´s projects

All projects are important but you can choose the area
that you like the most to be part of.

General Donation

Giving a general donation allows Let’s Support the Children to choose which area is lacking most funding. If you have so many areas, you would like to contribute but don’t know where. Let our organization channel contributions, to meet the needs of students and teachers.

We are constantly finding new needs a public school has and doesn´t always include one of our programs. A general donation help Let´s Support the Children to fund their operating activities, such as delivering goods and services to public schools.

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General Donations

Math and Science Projects


Children have positive attitudes toward mathematics when it is taught in a fun creative way. Science during the early school years is often seen as an interesting topic. When the right tools are available is an opportunity to grow the use mathematics and logical thinking to solve problems help children develop dispositions such as curiosity, imagination, flexibility, inventiveness, and persistence.

There are so many fun projects teachers often make, but most requires materials and equipment to make it happens. Let’s support the children is here to bring to light those class projects. If you love math and science, this program will allocate to this area of learning. We live in a world where technology is rapidly advancing, and children of today are our future scientists, inventors and doctors.

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Literature and History Project

The History and Literature program is focused on helping teachers get extra books their class might need for a project. Having a printed take home book, often enriches the student to get more involved in reading. Let’s Support the Children helps achieve reading goals by getting those books a teacher might want to include in the class

Reading helps children in many major ways: it helps them learn about everyone in the world, and the artistic values of written language. Children are intellectually motivated by reading about history and fiction, narrative poetry, or biography. Through the written word, any character's thoughts, words develop insight into his or her own character and values. Access to a printed book helps children interact vicariously in the reading experience

Books are a gateway to learning more about a subject. Children learn something about the nature of behavior and universe in general. In one sense they become aware of the similarities and differences among people.

Our goals are to bring back the tradition of having a book at home. Teachers’ requests will be fulfilled by classroom and school. Your donation towards this program will be honored as order come in.

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Arts and Sports


Let’s support the children helps after school sports activities, as well as sports participation. Schools often try to channel children’s boundless energy into developing teamwork skills. Sports, music, arts, and theater are subjects where this creative energy is effectively used. Playing sports and exploring creative and performing arts can boost a child's self-esteem, engage imagination, and help build important life skills, such as teamwork

A cross country team might need new uniforms, a musical band might need a new instrument. Whatever the need might be, Let’s Support the Children is there to help boost this area at the request of coaches and instructors.

When our founder JJ Medina was growing up, he wanted to play baseball, his parents couldn’t afford a baseball glove, and missed his chance to play. Even today, there are children up there, whose parents cannot afford to send their kids to after school activities. The passion is there, and with a little help a dream can come true.

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Mental Health Program

Let's support the Children's mental health program was created to cope with the increasing demand of school counseling. The mental health program is there to help schools with psychological counseling. Young students sometimes have stress, family problems, and potential bullying.

It is of the best interest for the school and the community to identify children with those important needs. Donate to this program and help us make a difference in the community for our children.

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Mental health